Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee (12 oz.)

from Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company


One of the Top Boutique Roasters in the U.S.


Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia
Farm Name: Sidama Union, Telamo COOP
Altitude: 5000-6600ft.
Process Method: Natural
Varietal: Mixed

Blueberries fill the air, sparkling with hints of tangerine, ripe peaches and bakers chocolate in the aroma. At first taste, strawberries and cherries welcome you up front as the juicy acidity tingles in your jowls, dark chocolate notes paired with the sophistication of brandy arrive soon after. The creamy vanilla mouth feel is both rich and lingering.

This unwashed Sidama is "special preparation," which means the pickers are paid an additional premium to remove only the red ripe cherries, which are then are dried and meticulously controlled on elevated beds in the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia. This coffee was chosen with pride by a panel made up entirely of Zoka team members.


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Zoka offers handcrafted single-batch roasted coffee and is dedicated to superior quality, researching and tracing amazing coffees to their source and blind cupping each production roast at least twice.